World Art Conclave Art Expo 2024

27th to 30th March, 2024
Nehru Center, Mumbai, India






Artwork & Installations


Firebrand Artists

One Aesthetic Space. Multiple Creative Minds

Art needs to enrich culture and cultivate minds. Art needs to flow freely in space. Let art be represented in its original style and form, at the WORLD ART CONCLAVE.

World Art Conclave is a platform for professional and budding artists as well as galleries to display their artworks and connect with art collectors, and enthusiasts. The artwork to be exhibited will be precisely handpicked by esteemed jury members. Various art styles and forms includes painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and many more will be displayed at this art expo. World Art Conclave is a well designed art trade expo that meets international standards, with a dedicated space to showcase each art style and concepts in one harmony.

World Art Conclave is an exceptional opportunity for artists, galleries, and art connoisseurs to exchange dialogues, collaborate and expand their network within the art community. World Art Conclave is an experience , where you get a chance to engage in art talks, workshops, seminars, live art demonstrations, entertainment, etc.

Calling Artist & Galleries

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World Art Conclave 2024 : Highlights!

A Creative space for Artists.

International caliber of showcasing art, building the artist's reputation and thus, leveraging a larger impact for art. Establish direct long-term contact with gallerists, art collectors and curators who have a genuine taste for art.

We understand art. So we designed space for it.

Professionally designed and staffed pavilion - The space is adequate to properly display every artwork of each participating artist & gallery.

Artists in the Spotlight

World Art Conclave is offering a unique opportunity for all artists to participate in the art expo, where artists have a dedicated space to display their artwork and interact with visitors from around the globe.

The Space for Galleries

Art Galleries play a vital role in the art world. With a line-up of renowned artists and exclusive networking opportunities, the World Art Conclave is the perfect place to showcase artists and gain valuable exposure for the galleries.

Awards and Accolades

The World Art Conclave Awards recognize niche talent among the participating galleries and artists. Each awardee will be selected based on their skills and their unique showcase.

The Space for Curators

We invites curators to join us at this expo as they plays a vital role in shaping the art world. With a line-up of renowned artists, and exclusive networking opportunities, the World Art Conclave is the perfect place to discover new talent and build lasting relationships.